Citizens Advisory Committee+

The National Western Center Citizens Advisory Committee was convened in 2013 by the Western Stock Show Association to provide an opportunity for the community to learn about, have meaningful input on, and be a major participant in the development of the proposed National Western Center, and provide input and feedback throughout the implementation of the master plan (PDF).

Among other responsibilities, the Citizens Advisory Committee:

  • Provides input regarding projects and issues related to the development of the National Western Center
  • Assists in communicating elements of the National Western Center project to the residents and stakeholders in the Globeville, Elyria, Swansea (GES) neighborhoods
  • Advises the National Western Center regarding the needs and desires of the GES neighborhoods in relation to the National Western Center project
  • Identifies potential opportunities and concerns and helps find workable solutions that address the needs of the community at large
  • Promotes transparency and communication between the partners, the city and the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Works to ensure that the National Western Center build-out meaningfully benefits the adjacent communities in the short and long terms


The CAC is a diverse group that represents many interests.

The voting members of the group include, but are not limited to, the residents, community groups and business leaders located in Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea, as well as statewide partners with an interest in the area.

The National Western Center partners and facilitators are non-voting members of the committee and include the Western Stock Show Association, the City and County of Denver, Colorado State University System, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and History Colorado.

The National Western Center Citizens Advisory Committee meets on the last Wednesday of every month at the National Western Center Authority offices at 4701 Marion Street, Denver, CO 80216.

Meeting Materials

January 20, 2022 – Cancelled

February 23, 2022 Meeting

March 23, 2022 Meeting

April 27, 2022 Meeting

May 25, 2022 Meeting 

    • Recording

June 22, 2022 Meeting

July 27, 2022 Meeting

August 10, 2022 Conflict Resolution Workshop

August 24, 2022 Meeting

September 21, 2022 Meeting 

October 5, 2022 Workshop: Values, Goals and Strategies 

October 26, 2022 Meeting

November 9, 2022 Workshop: Change your Habits One Tiny Step at a Time

November 16, 2022 Meeting 

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