Art experiences will surprise, captivate and inspire you across the National Western Center — indoors and out.

art showing branches and leaves Sandra Fettingis for CSU SpurThoughtful public art will enhance and activate spaces for all who visit — interpreting and reflecting the story of the land, the place and the people in new and unexpected ways. Meanwhile, the National Western Stock Show’s expansive art collection will be on display in its new Legacy Building, mixing contemporary and traditional viewpoints on the spirit of the West.

Public Art

A broad range of local-to-global artists working in a variety of media will create art at the campus.

Some artworks will involve community engagement or co-creation. 

Public art pieces are in design or fabrication now! The first will debut in January 2022 at CSU Spur. (Learn more at

Public art at the National Western Center is made possible through city and state programs that dedicate 1 percent of capital improvement project budgets to the creation of public art.  

Additional opportunities for artists may emerge over time! 

Great news for art lovers: our art can be found just a stone’s throw away from Denver’s thriving River North Arts District.

Locations and Artists

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National Western Center main plaza

Cliff Garten of Venice, CA will design an installation for the main plaza.

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River bridges

People’s Bridge of the Sun and People’s Bridge of the Moon, by David Ocelotl Garcia, Denver.

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Rising Together, a piece by Matthew Mazzotta, Canton, NY. Check back for renderings.

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Hydro Building Alley at CSU Spur

Whirlpool, by Anthony Garcia, Sr., Denver.

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Vida Building at CSU Spur

Animals at Play, by Priscila De Carvalho, Long Island, NY.

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The Bridge at CSU Spur

Rotation Index, by Jason Bruges, London.

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Vida Building at CSU Spur

Vital Rhythms, by Norman Lee & Shane Allbritton of RE:site Studio, Houston.

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Terra Building at CSU Spur

Tomorrow’s Food, by Sandra Fettingis, Denver.

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Hydro Backyard at CSU Spur

Crescendo, by Nikki Pike, Denver.

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Terra Building plaza at CSU Spur

Bale, by Patrick Marold, Nederland, CO.

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Hydro Building at CSU Spur

Swirl, by Eric Tillinghast, Alhambra, CA.

Coors Western Art

A gallery at the National Western Stock Show’s new Legacy Building will be the year-round home for the Stock show’s expansive Western art collection, and open to the public. Each January, the Legacy Building will also host the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale  one of the finest exhibitions of contemporary Western art in the United States, featuring an eclectic mix of styles and mediums, from established artists and unknown talent. 

Arts and Culture

Arts and cultural events will be integral to the National Western Center experience all year round! Here’s what to expect.

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Motion banner: “People’s Bridge of the Moon” by David Ocelotl Garcia, slated for a new bridge over the South Platte River.

Rendering: “Tomorrow’s Food” by Sandra Fettingis, slated for the CSU Spur Terra Building.

Painting: “A Summer’s Afternoon,” by Barbara VanCleve. Part of the National Western Stock Show’s Coors Western Art collection.

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