December 4, 2020

National Western Center moving forward as city, partners assess sequence of project

Construction is progressing on the campus, and the partners are committed to realizing its vision to be the global destination for agricultural heritage and innovation — as well as the new home of the National Western Stock Show. Today, the first brand-new building is nearly complete (the Stockyards Event Center), a trailblazing clean-energy system is underway, and the Colorado State University System is moving fast on its three-building CSU Spur campus. Construction continues on critical infrastructure (water lines, new roads, bridges, pad sites, rail consolidation, environmental and riverfront cleanup, etc.). In the coming months, new rail lines will be complete, construction will begin on the 51st Ave. Bridge, and crews will begin opening the South Platte riverfront by relocating large wastewater pipes. As a whole, the project is helping to bolster Denver’s economy in these challenging times by employing thousands of people to date.

As a result of Covid-19’s effects on the city’s tourism tax revenues and entertainment venues, the city and its National Western Center partners are assessing the sequence of construction for the remaining buildings planned for the campus. While construction continues, the city is evaluating the appropriate timing to go to the market for the next bond issuance, which will be largely driven by the performance and recovery of tourism tax revenues as well as market conditions and project need.

Just as businesses and households everywhere have had to do in 2020, we are taking a closer look at how we do things and are finding ways to be innovative and strategic. For example, resequencing will allow some portions of the program to accelerate, while other portions will continue to go through design and conceptual planning as the city recovers economically. We’re committed to being good stewards of public resources, while delivering a program that Denver residents voted overwhelmingly to support in 2015.

We will continue to adjust, innovate and evolve based on the challenges and opportunities that arise — as we have done from the beginning. Our goal remains the same — to deliver a new, year-round, urban hub for food and agriculture discovery.

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