January 27, 2021

Mayor’s Office of the National Western Completes New Rail Corridor, Opens Access to South Platte Riverfront

DENVER – The Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center (NWCO) marks an exciting milestone this month with the completion of a critical component of campus construction with the consolidation and relocation of roughly 14,000 linear feet, or almost 3 miles of railroad.

Currently, Denver Rock Island Railroad (DRIR) rail lines bisect the NWC campus and prohibit public access to the South Platte River. The relocation and consolidation of these lines will create a newer and safer corridor, which aligns DRIR tracks with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and RTD N Line tracks.  DRIR has tested and accepted the new lines and demolition of the old lines is underway. The demolition activities will be the first steps in opening public access to the South Platte Riverfront.

“The relocation of the rail plays an important role in creating access to the riverfront while improving rail safety on the campus,” said Tykus Holloway, executive director. “Our Horizontal Integrated Contractor, Hensel Phelps along with Ames Construction and Professional Rail Constructors have done a tremendous job on this critical path activity and it’s extremely rewarding to see it come together.”

Construction activities at the National Western Center have continued during the COVID-19 global pandemic providing critical employment opportunities to the Denver community during this challenging economic time. Horizontal infrastructure as well as pad-ready site activities for partner entities also maintain forward progress. In the coming months construction will begin on the 51st Ave. Bridge, and crews will begin opening the South Platte riverfront by relocating large wastewater pipes. The Stockyards Event Center, including the new Yards, is currently underway and will be the next building on site to be completed.


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