January 3, 2022

CSU opens initial building on first-of-its-kind free, public campus

On Jan. 7, the Colorado State University System will open CSU Spur, a year-round and first-of-its-kind public destination in Denver, located at the National Western Center. The first facility to open at CSU Spur is called the Vida building, which translates to “life” in Spanish, and focuses on animal and human health.

CSU Spur is made up of three buildings that are open to the public and offer grade-level aligned experiential education and a chance for people to watch professionals at work – in Vida, visitors will be able to watch veterinarians perform surgery on dogs and cats, therapists working with horses to offer equine assisted therapies, and veterinarians helping equine athletes through strength-building and therapeutic exercises. Seven horses currently live on-site at the new Vida building as part of the Temple Grandin Equine Center equine assisted services program.

Learn more at CSU’s website.

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