September 20, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center Announces Energy Partner

DENVER – The Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center (NWCO) today announced that EAS Energy Partners (EAS) has been selected to enter into an exclusive negotiation to become the official campus energy partner of the National Western Center (NWC).

The National Western Center has set a long-term goal of becoming a net-zero energy campus, where energy consumption would be completely offset by renewable on-site energy production annually. As the campus energy partner, EAS will deliver district and renewable energy solutions while also being responsible for the long-term operation and maintenance of NWC energy systems.

The current energy concept features a sewer heat recovery system to transfer heat between the Delgany sewer main and an ambient campus wide piping distribution loop as well as a solar photovoltaic (PV) system located on the rooftops of campus buildings.

“The Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center is committed to creating a strong foundation for net zero energy as we build out the campus infrastructure and venues,” Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center, Gretchen Hollrah said. “Metro Wastewater Reclamation District has been an incredible partner and I’m confident EAS is the perfect addition. Together we will ensure NWCO creates a low-carbon campus using innovative sustainability strategies.”

EAS, a consortium of Enwave USA Holdings, LLC, AECOM Technical Services, Inc. and Saunders Construction, Inc., features a team with extensive experience in district energy systems across North America and the demonstrated ability to develop and manage a system to meet the needs of the National Western Center today and into the future.

EAS brings a strong technical partnership with the financial, engineering and operating resources to deliver NWC with a one-stop solution to design, build, finance and operate this innovative campus energy system,” Doug Castleberry of EAS Energy Partners said. “We are very proud to partner with the Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center on this critical project and look forward to turning the NWC vision into reality.”

“Solidifying an energy partner is an important milestone for the National Western Center and Denver’s General Services is proud to have played a role in that by overseeing a swift and efficient procurement process,” Executive Director Murphy Robinson said. “I’m grateful to my team, who has spent countless hours providing their expertise, and helping NWCO define process deliverables while adapting to the economic realities of an evolving marketplace.”

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