Workforce and Business Development Program

The Mayor’s Office of National Western Center understands the importance of engaging small and minority-owned businesses in the redevelopment of the site and is committed to ensuring each project includes a robust representation of Small, Minority/Women and/or Disadvantaged Businesses (M/WBE/DBE). As the project moves forward, the program team will continue to conduct outreach and cultivate interest and participation on the project through industry forums, presentations, certification information and communication about upcoming contracting opportunities.

AGC, CCA, HCC Public Agency Outlook 01/24/19 Presentation – View Here

Construction Empowerment Initiative (CEI) 10/30/18 Presentation – View Here

Contractor Academy 10/11/18 PresentationView Here


Connect with the NWCO Business Navigator:

Suzanne Arkle, Business Navigator


(312) 543-6317



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The Mayor’s Office of National Western Center partnered with Colorado Resource (CORE) Partners to create a new approach for helping connect workers to high- paying jobs and family support resources. The WORKNOW program empowers individuals and families who live in communities directly affected by city and state economic development projects to continue to serve the needs of their neighborhood through a job in construction. This is the Metro area’s first workforce development program that strives to equalize opportunities for all Coloradans by facilitating inclusive, diverse and skilled employment opportunities in construction. WORKNOW programming is concentrated in these key areas:

  • Community Resource Navigation
  • Job Skills Training
  • Job Placement
  • Career Coaching & Advancement
  • Community Building

The WORKNOW program will provide opportunities for people who are interested in exploring a new career, advancing their existing career or finding a career that pays a livable wage by providing:

  • Local training partners to help individuals grow their industry skills
  • Resources to help individuals find and keep a job
  • Construction hiring in craft and office position

Connect to WORKNOW.

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