November 3, 2021

National Western Center statement on 2E vote

Statement from National Western Center CEO Brad Buchanan on the November 2 vote on 2E:

We’re disappointed, of course, that the arena and public market won’t receive bond funding. These are the phases of development that will unlock the main community benefits for GES, including the greatest potential revenue for the Community Investment Fund. We remain committed to bringing a new arena and public market to the campus, as envisioned in the National Western Center Master Plan adopted by Denver City Council in 2015. We will now turn our attention to working collaboratively and creatively with the City and County of Denver and partners to pursue other funding avenues, though it’s too early to say what other funding sources could be.

As we pursue other options, progress will continue at the campus, as it has for the last few years. We look forward to welcoming all of Denver back to the site in January for the annual National Western Stock Show, and — for the first time — the new Yards, the first new event facility, and to CSU’s new public-serving educational campus, CSU Spur. 


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