Round up your on-campus purchase to support our neighbors!

The historic neighborhoods of Globevile, Elyria and Swansea adjacent to the National Western site have long nourished and supported the National Western Stock Show and related activities. Your contribution will help nourish and support those neighborhoods.

About the Fund
In 2017, as part of formalizing their partnership, the National Western Center partners agreed to create a fund that would benefit the local communities of Globeville, Elyria and Swansea. Proceeds for the fund will be funded — at least in part — by offering retail customers an opportunity to “round up” their purchase at the center.

The 2022 National Western Stock Show marks the debut of the first new buildings at the National Western Center and the first use of the “roundup” to benefit the Community Investment Fund.

Fund Leadership
Denver City Council members Candi CdeBaca and Debbie Ortega have appointed a group of residents of GES to explore possibilities for the fund. This Community Investment Fund Committee will establish community oversight and structure for the fund, identify how dollars will be distributed in the community, and explore other potential sources of revenue. The National Western Center Authority Board’s Community Benefits Committee is supporting this community-led effort.

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