Horizontal Portfolio

What is the HIC?

As the Horizontal Integrated Contractor (HIC) for the National Western Center, Hensel Phelps will manage the Work Order Based Integrated Construction Contract to enable the Horizontal Portfolio for Phases 1 and 2 of the capital build. Project elements include preparations to make the site ready for construction, riverfront open space, sitewide infrastructure, site investigations and survey, National Western Drive, Bettie Cram Drive and DRIR rail consolidation.


TYPE 2 – Temporary Site Works

  • Overall Site Services to Enable Construction Such As:
    • Central Site Construction Office
    • Noise and Dust Control
    • Survey
    • Traffic Control
    • Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Snow Removal
    • Overall Construction Coordination
    • Vegetation Removal
    • Logistics and Interface with Concurrent Operations
M/WBE Goals will be assigned to Type 2 and Type 3 Work Orders.

TYPE 3 – Final Construction of Horizontal Portfolio

  • Enabling Work
  • Bulk Earthwork with Material Management
  • Sitewide Infrastructure
  • Final ROW; Roads
  • Utilities
  • Bridges
  • Sidewalks
  • Rail Consolidation
  • Pad-Ready Site Development
  • Temporary Works
  • Riverfront Open Space

Bidding opportunities

2.01 - Temporary Office Remodel Latest Updates Bidding Closed Bidding Closed
3.01B - DRIR Rail Realignment Informational Flyer Bidding Closed Bidding Closed
3.04 - CSU Animal Health Informational Flyer Bidding Open Bid Proposals Due 6/12/19
3.06 Equestrian Center & Barn Pad Ready Informational Flyer Bidding Open Bid Proposals Due 6/10/19

Meetings & Events

3.06 Pre-Bid Information Meeting – Held May 3

Pre-Bid Information Meeting Presentation
Pre-Bid Information Meeting Sign-In Sheet

3.04 Pre-Bid Information Meeting – May 22, 10 a.m.

Meeting materials coming soon.



We have created a pilot workforce development program to connect individuals to industry jobs for the HIC project. The pilot program includes outreach, training and employment opportunities.

By connecting industry and job seekers to the NWC program, we are hoping to support the construction industry, build a qualified workforce, enrich the local economy and improve the quality of life for residents through better jobs and additional skills.

Through NWC partnerships and the WORKNOW collaborative, we are connecting job seekers, skill-seekers and employers to resources and training such as:

  • Soft and hard skill coaching
  • Networking opportunities
  • Certifications and credentials guidance
  • Temporary and permanent employment assistance

Horizontal Portfolio Team:

Horizontal Integrated Contractor: Hensel Phelps (task and work order-based construction services)

Horizontal Designer: Merrick & Company (design services)

Rail Consolidation Design: Wilson & Company (design services)

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