October 19, 2015

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association to move to the National Western Center

Partnership will help advance agribusiness hubs at the future center

DENVER –The North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC) and the Colorado Cattleman’s Association (CCA) announced today a partnership that will advance the vision for the National Western Center (NWC) by engaging the broader agriculture industry in key planning efforts and transform the NWC into a local, state and international epicenter for agribusiness.

“Creating valuable partnerships with organizations like the Colorado Cattleman’s Association that focus on agribusiness are important to the National Western Center vision,” said Kelly Leid, Executive Director of the NDCC. “The CCA is a national leader in the beef industry and they understand the history, challenges and opportunities of our state’s agribusiness. They will be a great resource as we advance the NWC master plan.”

The CCA has been an advocate for Colorado’s beef industry for nearly 150 years currently serving more than 12,000 beef producers in the state. Its operations were previously at the National Western Complex but currently have their headquarters in Arvada. The partnership allows for the CCA to return its headquarters back to the site and co-locate agriculture production and agribusiness organizations that advance the vision of the NWC. The partnership also calls for exploring additional space needs for future growth of the organization’s portfolio. The CCA is committed to making a financial investment in the NWC focused on facilities.

“The CCA is excited to explore future opportunities that will elevate our advocacy on behalf of the beef industry,” said Robert Patterson, President of the CCA. “The vision of the new National Western Center supports our organization’s goals and we look forward to contributing our resources, knowledge and expertise to put Denver on the map for agribusiness innovation.”

The NWC master plan calls for a variety of collaborations that will active the campus all year. Collaborations in areas such as food and food production, agriculture and livestock were recommended in the plan. Colorado’s livestock and products bring more than $3.7 billion in economic benefit to the state. Cattle and calves account for 75 percent of that income. Today, Colorado is home to 11,600 farms with cattle and calves, 206 feedlots, and 24 USDA certified slaughter plans.


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