The National Western Center Authority (“Authority”) will be incorporated by the City and County of Denver as a nonprofit corporation to program, operate, and maintain the campus. The actions of the Authority will be guided by 11 voting directors and two non-voting directors who may not be elected officials, officers, or employees of the City.

As outlined in the National Western Center Framework Agreement, the voting directors will include six appointments by the Mayor (confirmed by City Council), two Colorado State University appointees, two Western Stock Show Association appointees, and one Globeville, Elyria, or Swansea resident Mayoral appointee (confirmed by City Council). A second Globeville, Elyria, or Swansea resident will be appointed by the mayor as a non-voting director. The City Chief Financial Officer will also serve as a non-voting director and Treasurer of the Board.

The Authority will:

  • Enter a 50-year lease with the City and County of Denver to operate and maintain facilities on the National Western Center campus.
  • Conduct a competitive bid process for contracts and require compliance with City social ordinances.
  • Hire a President/CEO to manage and lead operations of the National Western Center campus. The selection of this individual will be conducted after a national search with all parties recommending candidates to the Board for selection. The President/CEO will be responsible for:
    • Booking events year-round
    • Allocating campus resources
    • Managing campus-wide revenues and expenses, including services and sponsorships
    • Managing maintenance and operations of the new Campus facilities as they come online
    • Providing interface with partners
  • Create a Community Investment Fund to support projects and programs in the surrounding Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea neighborhoods, as selected by the community.

Initial Funding/Start-Up of Authority Operations:

The Partners will provide initial operating funding up to $1.5 million to the Authority in 2017, consisting of 60% from the City and County of Denver, 20% from Colorado State University, and 20% from the Western Stock Show Association. Subsequent years of funding are anticipated until the Authority is self-sustaining, with the understanding that this is to be achieved as quickly as possible. Repayment of initial operating funds will occur when available.

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