The National Western Center is committed to engaging the business community in procurement opportunities as the project develops. The project is currently led by the City & County of Denver and therefore will follow all existing City processes and procedures for procurement.

Here are some helpful links to help you start the process:

Contractor’s Prequalification
Denver Purchasing Division
Office of Economic Development – Get Certified!
Supporting Program Documents

Industry Forum

NWC Program Update Presentation - 9/14/17 (pdf)
NWC Program Update Attendees - 9/14/17 (pdf)
NWC Program Update Invite - 9/14/17 (pdf)
Construction Industry Briefing - 6/1/2017 (pdf)
Brighton Open House Invite (pdf)
Brighton Blvd. 44th to Race Court Open House Presentation (pdf)
Parking/TDM Study

Mail Bag

Email questions to
NWC Friday Mail Bag - 9/22/17 (pdf)
NWC Friday Mail Bag - 9/29/17 (pdf)
NWC Friday Mail Bag - 10/6/17 (pdf)


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Contractors & Subcontractors

Prime contractors must have submitted a prequalification application a minimum of ten (10) calendar days prior to any bid opening date. Applications must be submitted to the Department of Public Works, see above link to Contractor’s Prequalification for instructions.

Additional information will be provided on this site about the program as it becomes available.

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Vendors & Suppliers

Vendors and suppliers play an important role in our program and we thank you for your interest. We have identified a few ways to connect with the program.

Tools and Resources

The Denver Purchasing Division website offers tools and resources to assist you with procurement. Denver Purchasing Division

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